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We are Bart Schrijver and Teuntje Schrijver, film-making siblings from Amsterdam. In our movies we always look at the essence of the story, what is the underlying theme or emotion that we want to explore and show in our films. We believe that finding the essence of a story, finding the core emotion that drives the charakters is essential in creating stories that matter, not only to us, but to the people that watch them. The essence of the story is universal, everybody can relate to, and feel the basic human emotions. 

From there our goal is to show these emotions in a new and innovative way. Displaying the normal world of people and highlighting real life situations in an exiting new form. Together with multiple other professionals we always strive to make ourselves, our stories and the people around us better. While of course doing all the important work on only one day of the week, because it all happens on a tuesday.

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